The Strategic Total Protection Review

Our mission is to help you Prepare, Protect, and Recover from life’s unexpected events. There are many benefits of choosing Strategic Insurance as your independent insurance agency. We represent over 50 different companies for all lines of insurance so we can make certain you are receiving the best options to fit your personalized insurance needs at the most affordable price! We will review changes in your family’s situation such as marriage, birth, relocating, addition of youthful drivers and even the loss of a loved one. We make recommendations for handling a claim should one arise. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your coverage and confirm your family is adequately protected. The value of the Strategic Total Protection Review (STPR) lies in us reviewing not only the policies you have with our agency, but also discussing policies that you have through other companies and how your policies work in concert , while also uncovering potential, unforeseen gaps in coverage.

Below are some resources that you will discover prove helpful while navigating Florida’s complicated insurance jungle. You will find Fraud Alerts, Coverage information, along with Home Inventory and Safety Checklists! Please take time to review this important information and share it with your family.

Feel free to leave us a review to let us know if you found this information helpful and also what information you would like to see added for future reference!

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