Strategic Insurance Response to Help During Covid-19 Crisis

To Our Valued Business Insurance Clients & Past Business Insurance Clients, 

I just wanted to send you a message with a note of encouragement & a few gift offers for you. Details below or CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO MESSAGE ON THIS.

For those of you that do not know, I AM a small business owner, & the owner of this agency, Strategic Insurance Services. I know what it’s like to juggle making payroll, paying bills, doing marketing, handling your employees & clients, all while trying to keep your head on straight! 

I wanted to pass along a few things that hopefully will help during this difficult time:

1.     $27 Amazon Gift Card for the opportunity to review ANY insurance policy, personal or commercial, that you currently DO NOT have with our agency. This is the gift part of the subject line. We believe at Strategic Insurance in our Mission: We help families & businesses Prepare, Protect & Recover from life’s unexpected events. This is a way that we can hopefully save you money on other insurance policies & give you a gift card. Click here for details & to submit your info for proposal request

2.    Video Conferencing. is a tremendous resource providing a video conferencing platform to help your team communicate in this remote work environment.  We have a corporate Zoom account that you can use to help communicate with your team (or clients) during this challenging time. Our account is unlimited in the allotted time frame & allows many more users than on  Zoom’s free account.

3.      Claims Inquiries:

Several of you have inquired about business interruption or business income insurance as well as Civil Authority insurance. Unfortunately, standard insurance policies have excluded bacteria/virus for decades & civil authority coverage usually has to be a result of not just the government shutting things down but physical damage to YOUR location.

We are not the insurance adjusters & want to give our clients every opportunity afforded by their policies.  If you want to file a claim you can do so by emailing us at with the details of your inquiry or call our office at 866-INS-0123.

4. Care Kits– We are assembling “Care Kits” for people who we know that have lost their jobs recently as a result of the economic downturn from the Covid-19 outbreak. If you know of someone, or your business has had to layoff people & you would like a kit which will include basic need items & a note of encouragement, please email us at or text/call me direct at 727-385-5082.

Lastly, I just wanted to offer a message of encouragement & hope. We are tough people; we are American business owners & remember “that tough times don’t last but tough people do.” I’ve been encouraging many people out there (as well as what I’m doing myself) to turn off the media/news, get some exercise outside, read the bible or something you find encouraging, & find something to make you laugh at the days end! This too shall pass. We will come thru it stronger.

Update 3-26-2020; Links below with info to Economic Stimulus package.






We are here to serve you, & may God Bless our country during this challenging time.



Doug Levi

Owner, Strategic Insurance Services


Cell: 727-385-5082